Summer Saturday

This Summer Saturday has been eventful  – but in ways that I really like.  We woke up easy, breakfast in bed, then went over to my Mom’s house for left over B&B breakfast.  We sat out on her screened porch while the kids played and I worked on transitioning this website.  There is where frustration entered in. It took going home to get back to the peaceful Saturday feels.

I sat down and started figuring things out while Rinnah sang.  She has been singing a lot lately – mostly along with a track that I’m suppose to sing in church.  To hear our little girl sing “I choose Jesus” is glorious.  I pray our children will be world changers for the Lord; understanding the true meaning of salvation and that our family’s story will prove God’s restoration power to those who question.

We are about to head out for a swim, then I want to make this bread  from .


I’ll keep you posted on the results.

I’m leading a group women’s art night at our local arts organization on monday night, so sometime this weekend I’ll be painting the inspiration piece. I painted with the kids last weekend and really had a good time. I gave them some parameters, but mostly we just had fun.

Here’s what we produced. (excuse the little girl who doesn’t like pants)


Here are a few inspiration images (you can find the original link for these on my pinterest page/art,wallpaper&fabric)  for the art we will create on Monday night. (actual created images to follow)


Happy Summer Saturday Friends!


*i tried to capture her singing but this is all I got.   

I’ve got nothing

Tonight I’ve got nothing to complain about, nothing to wish away, and nothing to steal my peace.

Sure, there’s still lots to do and problems to solve but I’ve had a sweet talk with my love and prayer with God, and my heart is thankful.  All my hopes, to- dos and desires can wait till tomorrow. Thank you God for all you have done for me and my family.

May you be filled with thankfulness, Stephanie

Good Houseplans Added

I’ve added some other good houseplans to the “houseplan” page.

Historic House Plan (sorry I don’t have the particulars, but you can find it also on my Pinterest Page)


This beaut could be re-planned to make two bedroom out of the 12′ x 20.5′ bedroom space upstairs.  The Library could also be made into a downstairs Master if a bathroom addition was provided.  I think this is house is so breezy and tropical. It reminds me of a few of the houses still left on the Shary Estate in Mission, Texas.


Helena II by Allison Ramsey


Front Elevation


First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan


Design Studio Plan #3161


Board and Batten

I was drawing last night and during a break I looked through my “Architecture” board on Pinterest.  I didn’t realize that there were so many pins of Board and Batten siding.  I thought you might like to see some too.  (These are not my images, they are pins from Pinterest.  You can find the original on the link above).





*I threw this one in because it’s so cute and the other images made it look like Board and Batten always has to be white.




I hope your weekend is filled with memories of the sacrifices made for Freedom.


Junkin and Stinky Van

Today, Holly and I did what we have been wanting to do for about 6 months…we went junkin.  We drove out to Spring Hill to get an antique/primitive mantel for her house.  Turned out that we didn’t have the right keys so I had to crawl through a window to get into the storehouse.  As a reward Holly took my picture with her new mantle.


We had to ride around in my van that smelled like death.  Really, like something had died under the hood somewhere.  I had already looked several times, but saw nothing.  So, when we got to Holly’s house site to deliver the mantle, I asked the Guys to see if they could find the dead animal.


This is a picture of us trying to see the undercarriage of my fancy Honda Odyssey.  No visible animal parts, but the stink was overwhelming.  Brandon looked under the hood again and found a mature Robin.  Boohoo.  I’m glad that it’s no longer riding along with me though.

Happy Thursday Friends,


Tomato (neighbor) Pie

My neighbor friend Charlene and I were discussing old timey recipes for our next get together and she mentioned tomato pie. I’d never had it, so I demanded her recipe ( which was from a former neighbor).  Naturally, I decided to make two. One pie for us, one for our neighbors, but I forgot to buy the cheese so I had to borrow it from Charlene.

Sliced tomatoes in a baked pie crust.

Bacon! Lots of salty Bacon.

Then sprinkle that goodness on top of the tomatoes.

Then, yep-you add this French delicacy to the top. You can find Dean’s French Onion Dip in specialty grocery stores like SuperValu or PigglyWiggly.  Half the carton for each pie.

Then add your neighbor’s shredded cheese on top and bake for 35 minutes at 350.

Then eat one by yourself and share the other with your Neighbor!

This pie makes better communities and you will be a better person if you make two.


View of a Party from a 3 footer


Under the Table is always interesting when you can see it easily.



Little Cousin waiting for her food.



Selfie Time!



Everyone else eating some good Mexican food.


Me and Bird



And finally, a picture walking out the office front door.



Walking in the lighted dark

Last night me and our oldest went walking. We really try to give each of our children special time. The things we say when no one else is vying for attention seem important. Last night was important for me and him ( I hope).

We walked from our house, holding hands. Even though he won’t hold my hand hardly in daylight, I know he’s good with it on the slightly spooky walk. 

We talked about what he remembered from living in our old house and his earliest memories. Then onto more deep thoughts, like what to do when someone is angry with you. Waiting and praying before responding is wise, if a response is even required. Caring about people even when they are angry, emotional, and lost in their own thoughts is best. Sometimes the caring looks like praying and keeping a kind heart toward them. He added and “I know this, if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything.”

Young son, caring for people is hard but God saw people as so valuable that he provided the most costly way for people to be brought back into relationship with Him. It’s important; God cares for people, and we will too.

Painted in Waterlogue
Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday, Stephanie